Using ONE word, describe Lady Gaga...!!?

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Lady GaGa : Star if you like Lady GaGa?

OMG!! I am GaGa for GaGa!!!!!My Favorite song is ''Money Honey'' from ''The Fame''She is so stylish (most of the time) i love how crazy and funky she is!When she preformed at the Brit awards she wa... Read More »

How to Look and Act like Lady Gaga?

Do you love lady Gaga? Do you wanna stand out and be as cool as her? Well, with this article. You could (hopefully) dress and act like Lady Gaga! Just be like your self except crazier !

How to Appreciate Lady Gaga?

There are multiple rumors about Lady Gaga, and she is certainly not the best role model for young children. However, there is no doubt that she is a very talented and highly intelligent woman.

Is Lady Gaga still fat?

No, she gained a bit of weight while she touring around central america last year around August-September, but shes lost a lot of it now, and she says she is very happy with her new figure. :)