Using Limewire?

Answer Look how large the song is and if it is a large number of bites you generally a song is 2000 to 10000 kb (kilobite) depending on the song length. Any thing higher than that you dont want to downloa... Read More »

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If you are still using Limewire, WHY?

The key phrase is "Anyone downloading the trojan and trying to run it is asked to install a codec that will play the supposed media. "If you're using limewire, and you have a decent antivirus, it'l... Read More »

Can you get caught using LimeWire?

How do I create a CD using LimeWire?

Move Your SongsOpen your computer's CD burner. From your hard drive, move the songs you want from LimeWire onto a playlist you want to burn to CD. LimeWire does not have its own CD-burning capabili... Read More »

Can you get viruses by using limewire?

o.k... answer to that question... plenty... about 1/2 of everything in there is virus infected... but... i have good news though... just bare with m... k... before you download anything... or even ... Read More »