Using Latex Primer for Acrylic Paint?

Answer Latex primer and acrylic paint go hand in hand when painting a variety of surfaces - from wood to wallboard, from concrete to metal. Latex primers prepare and promote adhesion of acrylic paint, whi... Read More »

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Is latex primer an acrylic paint?

Most latex primers have some acrylic content. Manufacturers use acrylic in paint because it does not fade easily, even with constant exposure to constant, harsh sunshine. You should always choose 1... Read More »

Can I paint latex over acrylic latex enamel?

It's not a good idea to paint over acrylic latex enamel paint with regular latex paint. While the two paints are similar, the acrylic has an additive that makes it more flexible and less likely to ... Read More »

Can you put latex paint over oil primer?

You can use latex paint over some oil-based primers. Danny Lipford's Homeowner's Guide to Paint Primer says it used to be necessary to apply latex primers under latex paints, but now many primers a... Read More »

Can I tint primer with latex paint?

You can tint primer with latex paint as long as you are using a latex-based primer. Latex paint and oil-based primer don't properly mix. Tinting the primer actually improves the way it covers the s... Read More »