Using Honey in Your Hair?

Answer Hair loss and hair conditions are treatable without the use of chemicals. By combining natural ingredients, you can maintain beauty and health of your hair and scalp. Honey has all natural restorat... Read More »

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How to Make a Milk and Honey Hair Smoothie for Ethnic Hair?

Sometimes hair needs a blast of moisture and protein to help the hair regain its strength. This hair smoothie contains moisture attracting honey and coconut milk, to soften the hair. Olive oil is p... Read More »

How to Add Honey to Hair Gel?

Honey has been used for centuries in many cultures for health and beauty purposes. In its natural and raw state, honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has the ability to draw ambient... Read More »

How to Put Honey in Hair?

Honey is an all natural substance that is not only great for cooking, but also benefits your skin and hair. You can use honey to add moisture and shine to your hair. Follow these simple steps to ad... Read More »

Does HONEY really lightens your hair?

Well first thing, if your hair is dark brown then don't use lemon. It will make it lighter but also orange-y. It's only good for blondes who want their hair an even lighter shade of blonde. It's al... Read More »