Using DVDs as USB Storage over Portable/External Hard Drives?

Answer I'm not sure what the USB thing is. I would burn regular DVDs. But if you are burning the stuff to DVDs and can get it back, then I guess the format doesn't matter.DVDs last a long time if you pu... Read More »

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Ok....I have 2 questions over hard drives?

Hard drives are magnetic disks....they are nothing like CD's....Cd's hold 650 or 700MB....harddrives hold up to 1TB now....that is about 1478 Cd's worth of information...It is not illegal to open y... Read More »

How to Write a New MBR Using Fdisk on SATA Hard Drives?

The master boot record, or MBR, is located on the first sector of a hard drive and used to bootstrap an operating system such as Microsoft Windows. When the PC starts, the BIOS reads the MBR from t... Read More »

How to Partition Hard Drives Using MS-DOS Prompts in Windows XP?

The partitioning and formatting process readies a hard drive for use in a computer. If you are installing a new hard drive on your Windows XP computer or you want to reformat and repartition an old... Read More »

How to Rip Protected DVDs to a Hard Drive Using DVD Smith?

Commercial DVD titles are often encrypted, which prevents you from either copying them to your hard drive, or playing the resulting files even if you are able to copy them.What can we do to solve t... Read More »