Uses of the Metric System?

Answer The metric system is the most popular measurement system in the world today. It was designed and invented in 1791 by scientists and scholars working during the turbulence of the French Revolution. ... Read More »

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Who uses the metric system?

Every country in the world other than the United States, Liberia and Burma has adopted the metric system as the official units of measurement. The other three countries use the United States custom... Read More »

The Advantages of the Metric System Over the English System?

The differences between the metric and the English systems of measurement are vast. Though the English system is much older than the metric system, older, in this case, doesn't necessarily mean bet... Read More »

Who founded the metric system?

Gabriel Mouton, the vicar of St Paul's Church in Lyons, France, is the founding father of the metric system. He proposed the swing length of a pendulum that has a frequency of one beat per second a... Read More »

Who discovered the metric system?

Lavoisier, a chemist from France, developed a system of measurements that is based on the number 10. This development, which occurred in the late 1700s, later became known as the metric system.Sour... Read More »