Uses of the Griffin PowerMate?

Answer The Griffin PowerMate is an external computer peripheral, which connects through the USB outlet of your computer and combines ease of use with functionality. The PowerMate comes in the form of a kn... Read More »

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How do I Install a Coleman Powermate Inverter?

A Coleman Powermate Inverter converts a variety of power sources to 120 volt alternating current, which can be used with common appliances. Using an inverter allows for laptops, cell phones and oth... Read More »

Who makes Coleman Powermate compressors?

According to the Powermate website, Powermate-branded air compressors are manufactured and sold by the Powermate corporation, a subsidiary of the Italian company Pramac. Bloomberg BusinessWeek says... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Powermate Pressure Washer Pump?

Powermate makes commercial and residential pressure washers. It sells a variety of power washers, from 1,900 cleaning units (CU) to 9,000 CU. A CU is a power washing industry term that relates the ... Read More »

How do I clean with a Coleman Powermate 1300 power washer?

Select a Pressure NozzleChoose the pressure nozzle that is most appropriate for the cleaning job at hand. Use the red zero degree setting for a strong stream. Use this setting cautiously so as not ... Read More »