Uses of Sulfur in Modern Chemistry?

Answer Sulfur is the 16th element on the periodic table and falls under the nonmetal categorization utilized by most chemists. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, sulfur is a naturall... Read More »

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Elementary Chemistry Project Ideas Using Sulfur?

Sulfur is an odorless element and the rotten egg smell we associate with it happens when it forms the gas compound, hydrogen sulfide. Most sulfur comes from underground deposits, usually combined w... Read More »

Common Uses for Sulfur 8?

Sulfur is the eighth most prevalent mineral in the human body and accounts for as much as .25 percent of a person's total body weight, according to the Evolution Health & Fitness resource site. Dif... Read More »

Uses of Chemistry in Forensic Science?

Forensic chemistry laboratories exist to deduce all that is possible from evidence. Chemistry units are present at any forensic science laboratory, and they are used to test blood and urine samples... Read More »

How to Learn About the Chemistry of Water and Its Uses?

Water is the most important and most abundant compound on the earth surface. This article is a discussion of some of the chemistry of water and some of waters physical proerties.