Uses of Ribbons in Tablescaping?

Answer A tablescape is a tabletop display that incorporates several design elements, such as color, texture and the season. Tablescapes can be simple affairs with only a few features or extremely elaborat... Read More »

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How do i sew ribbons?

Apply a line of fabric glue to the area on which you wish to attach your ribbon. Apply the ribbon to the line of glue and allow it to dry. If you need your ribbon to fold into a hem or seam, be sur... Read More »

How to Organize Ribbons?

Ribbons have a habit of building up unawares when you use them often for craft, food, gifts and accessories. Rather than having them spill all over the place and get crushed or entangled, there are... Read More »

Who invented ribbons?

Ribbons were invented about the same time as textiles. They are considered to be the oldest decorative material for clothing and other goods. The first ribbons were handmade, and there is no record... Read More »

How do I recycle ribbons?

Craft ProjectsStaple and fold ribbons to the top of a gift bag. Use a fabric stiffener to make old ribbons into bookmarks. Tie a ribbon to the handle of an old mug and put candy inside of the mug a... Read More »