Uses of Operations Research in Economics?

Answer Although operations research is not intrinsic to economics, it has many uses there. A highly specialized form of research, operations work deals with the specific decisions and resources of an orga... Read More »

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What is operations research?

Operations research uses linear programming mathematical equations. These equations use numeric values assigned to constraints to find the optimum set of values for the given situation. Each linear... Read More »

Introduction to Operations Research?

Operations research (OR) is a managerial science companies use to find answers for often-difficult problems. It makes extensive use of math and science for building models. On the basis of these mo... Read More »

What is the meaning of operations research?

Operations research (OR) uses mathematical and scientific functions for making efficient and productive business decisions. OR extensively applies modeling techniques and algorithms for finding the... Read More »

Operations Research Schools?

Many schools offer a degree in operations research, which is also known as industrial engineering, management science, financial engineering or other similar names. It uses advanced technology for ... Read More »