Uses of Narrative Literature in the Classroom?

Answer Understanding the various uses of narrative literature in the classroom is an important part of education. It helps teach students about the techniques used in stories so they can uncover the meani... Read More »

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How to Assess a Literature Classroom?

Reading is the most fundamental skill students must learn in school. Every aspect of our society demands the ability to read. Learning to read requires ample time to practice and the exposure to mu... Read More »

How to Use Multicultural Literature in the Classroom?

A classroom is a microcosm of the world and can consist of students from various cultural backgrounds. America's foundation is based on the melting pot idea and the classroom today reflects that pr... Read More »

Classroom Literature Activities?

Integrating literature into elementary classrooms is key for teaching students how to read. Build an assortment of literature units into lessons by using several mediums. Exposing children to a r... Read More »

Literature: Classroom Activities for the Book "The Bully"?

"The Bully," a novel by Paul Langan in Townsend Press' Bluford High Series, is designed to attract readers beginning at a fifth or sixth grade reading level. However, because of its content, the bo... Read More »