Uses of Heat From a Nuclear Reaction to Produce Electrical Energy?

Answer Nuclear energy has become a household term. The electricity produced in nuclear power plants serves the same purpose as that from conventional plants, but the process is much more complicated. Thro... Read More »

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What happens to the mass and energy during a nuclear fission reaction?

The basic concept of nuclear fission is that isotopes are bombarded with smaller particles, causing them to break apart and release energy. When the isotopes break apart, there is a loss of mass, t... Read More »

Is the sun's nuclear energy powered by fission or fusion reaction?

The sun's nuclear energy is powered by fusion reactions. The main fusion reaction within stars fuses hydrogen atoms into helium atoms through a multi-step reaction. Subsequent fusion reactions comb... Read More »

Does nuclear energy produce pollutants?

Nuclear power plants do not produce air pollutants. However, they do produce dangerous radioactive wastes, including used reactor fuel and uranium mill tailings. In addition, pollutants were produc... Read More »

How much energy does nuclear power produce?

On average, a nuclear power plant generates approximately 12.4 billion kWh, or kilowatt hours. The power output from all nuclear plants accounts for one-fifth of all electricity generated in the Un... Read More »