Uses of Handicap Vans?

Answer Vans often need to be modified to accommodate a person with special needs. These are often referred to as conversion vans and can be purchased used or new from a variety of dealers and dealerships ... Read More »

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If a handicap parking doesn't have a sign on a post, is it still handicap parking?

if its on the ground and no post its still the same thing

How do I clean red Vans Please help.?

You can wash canvas (cloth) shoes right in your washing machine, as long as they do not have any leather on them.Remove the laces first. This is important because the laces can get caught in the ho... Read More »

How do i lace vans?

Start at the BottomInsert each side of the shoelace into the bottom set of eyelets located towards the toe of the shoe. Push the shoelace in towards the inside of the shoe. Pull the shoelace throug... Read More »

How do i tie vans shoes?

Tie the LacesVans shoes employs the common form of lacing and tying that is used by the majority of shoe manufacturers. Make an "x" out of the left and right lace string, then fold one lace under ... Read More »