Uses of Fossil Fuels Such As Coke?

Answer A fossil fuel is defined as fuel made from decayed matter that once lived many years ago.Over millions of years fossils were transformed by natural forces into coal, petroleum and gas. Hence the na... Read More »

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How to Re-Use Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons created over millions of years from the organic remains of prehistoric organisms. Coal, oil and natural gas are hydrocarbons used to heat homes and food, produce elect... Read More »

Why are fossil fuels bad?

Fossil fuels are compounds that have been created over millions of years from plant and animal remains. These fossil fuels are burned to release energy for human consumption.TypesFossil fuels inclu... Read More »

Are fossil fuels safe?

On One Hand: Generally, YesThe mining of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, natural gas and coal, is performed under heavy regulation in the U.S. and most developed nations. These rules are designed ... Read More »

How are fossil fuels obtained?

Fossil fuels are used for energy, production of plastics and numerous other applications throughout industrial and developed society. However, the methods of obtaining fossil fuels can cause enviro... Read More »