Uses of Ethanol Anhydrous?

Answer Ethanol anhydrous or absolute alcohol has very low water content, often less than 1 percent. Ethanol anhydrous is obtained by removing most water content from ethyl alcohol, through azeotropic dist... Read More »

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What does the term"anhydrous"mean?

"Anhydrous" refers to the lack of water in a substance. When performing a chemical reaction, water can limit the energy of the overall reaction, resulting in unsatisfactory products. This specifica... Read More »

Examples of Anhydrous Salts?

To many of us, the word "salt" calls to mind a white crystal we add to potato chips and icy roads. For a chemist, however, salt is a broader term that describes all ionic compounds formed as the re... Read More »

How to Handle Anhydrous Ammonia?

Anhydrous ammonia, as its name suggests, is ammonia kept separate from water. With molecules consisting of 1 atom of nitrogen to 3 atoms of hydrogen, anhydrous ammonia is used as an agricultural fe... Read More »

Why must you measure the mass of anhydrous salt immediately upon cooling?

Many anhydrous salts--that is, salts which lack water of crystallization--absorb water from the atmosphere. If their mass is not measured immediately on cooling they will absorb water and become hy... Read More »