Uses of Cetyl Alcohol?

Answer Cetyl alcohol is usually found in cosmetics as a moisturizer. It is known by over 10 different other names, including cetanol and palmityl alcohol. Many shampoos use cetyl alcohol to help create la... Read More »

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Is Cetyl Alcohol Flammable?

Cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol sometimes used as an emulsifier and emollient to make skin smoother. Chemical reactions of cetyl alcohol include oxidation, ethoxylation and sulfation, but the alco... Read More »

What Are the Physical Properties of Cetyl Alcohol?

Cetyl alcohol (C16H34O) has many other names, including cetanol, palmityl alcohol,cetylol, cetal and ethal, according to Pub Chem Compound. This alcohol is obtained by a process called esterificati... Read More »

Cetyl Alcohol Benefits for Hair?

Cetyl alcohol is an ingredient found in hair care products such as conditioners, dyes and detanglers. An emulsifying wax (prevents separation of certain ingredients like oil and water) made by comb... Read More »

Side Effects of Cetyl Alcohol?

Cetyl alcohol is a non-prescription substance commonly included in skin care products and shampoos. It softens and moisturizes skin, reduces itching and flaking, and provides relief for dry, rough ... Read More »