Uses of Aloe Vera for Hair Care?

Answer Aloe vera has been touted as a miracle cure for everything from sunburn to constipation. Additionally, aloe vera can be used to treat a number of hair ailments such as dandruff and hair loss, or si... Read More »

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What Care Does an Aloe Vera Plant Need?

Aloe vera is a succulent used medicinally for its gel-like sap which soothes minor sunburns and cuts. It is easy to grow this subtropical member of the lily family if you keep a few key cultural ti... Read More »

How to Care for Your Aloe Vera Plant?

Aloe Vera plants are very useful and easy to grow. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, they don't need a lot of watering so it's ok if you forget to water it!

How do I Use Aloe Vera for Hair?

Using the wrong products in your hair can leave a chemical residue film and make it feel limp or unclean. Aloe vera is a natural treatment that can be used to fix damaged hair. It can also help rev... Read More »

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits for Hair?

Aloe vera may be best known for its soothing healing for sunburn or bug bites. But aloe vera benefits also extend to the hair. And any hair type can benefit from its use.