Uses for the Element Helium?

Answer Helium is a naturally occurring gaseous element that forms slowly as a result of radioactive processes deep in the Earth's crust. It is a member of the family of noble gases, meaning it does not no... Read More »

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What Type of Element Is Helium?

The element helium is one of the noble gases listed in column 18 -- formerly column VIIIA -- of the periodic table of the elements. Because it's less dense than air, this unreactive, colorless and ... Read More »

Two Uses of the Hydrogen Element?

Hydrogen is a simple and abundant element with many uses in the fields of science, technology, industry and even food production. Though pure hydrogen cannot be found in our atmosphere, it can be p... Read More »

Basic Uses of the Element Radon?

Radon is the chemical element number 86 in the periodic table. Radon is a radioactive element, obtained through the decay of radium. Friedrich Ernst Dorn, a German chemist, discovered radon in 1900... Read More »

How to Study the Chemistry of the Element Phosphorus and Its Industrial Uses?

A phosphorus atom is a nonmetal that has characteristic nonmetallic chemistry. This article discusses the chemical properties of this atom and its physical properties.