Uses for the Element Helium?

Answer Helium is a naturally occurring gaseous element that forms slowly as a result of radioactive processes deep in the Earth's crust. It is a member of the family of noble gases, meaning it does not no... Read More »

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What Type of Element Is Helium?

The element helium is one of the noble gases listed in column 18 -- formerly column VIIIA -- of the periodic table of the elements. Because it's less dense than air, this unreactive, colorless and ... Read More »

Is it okay to nest a table in an inline element that is nested inside a block element?

Yes, just make sure you have a ice sculpture as the center piece...

What is helium gas?

Helium, widely known as the gas that makes children's balloons float, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. Its name derives from the Greek sun god, Helios, as it was first discover... Read More »

Can u die from helium?

[Helium gas is not poisonous. It is being used by the divers in deep-sea diving, mixed with oxygen. Breathing with pure helium will make a person pass out because of lack of oxygen. So, when someon... Read More »