Uses for an Upstairs Living Room?

Answer Similar to a finished basement, an upstairs living room offers several different possibilities for use. The question is not what to use the room for but rather who gets the use of the room. Althoug... Read More »

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What can one say to the lady living upstairs?

collect the dog hair for about a week. bag it up.then walk upstairs and give it back to them.

Is it front room, sitting room, living room or lounge?

depends if: its at the front of the house, you sit in it, live in it or have a sag-lounge in it.

Sarinas living room is 15 feet by 18 feet. what will it cost to carpet the living room if carpet costs 24$ per?

15 x 18 feet = 5 x 6 yards = 30 square yards @ $24/sq.yard = $720.

Ive got a pc upstairs in my room without internet but a pc downstairs with do i get it in my room?

Set up a network - using a wired router or a wireless router. If you're on cable - get a DSL modem router - if you have a BT line then a ADSL modem router. You'll also need an adapter for wireless.... Read More »