Uses for Rack & Pinion Gears?

Answer A rack and pinion gear mechanism is a very efficient way of directly transferring rotary motion into linear motion. By varying the sizes of either the rack or the pinion, the rotation / linear trav... Read More »

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How to Change Ring & Pinion Gears?

Ring and pinion gears obviously need to be changed if they are broken, but racers often change ring and pinion gears as different gearing increases or decreases torque at lower speeds (increasing o... Read More »

How to Install Rack & Pinion?

The rack and pinion system in your vehicle is key to proper steering and safety. If yours goes out, your steering will suffer. It will take an hour or so to replace it, but it can be done with hand... Read More »

Rack & Pinion Cleaning?

A pinion is a cogged wheel which meshes with a cogged bar called a rack. Rack and pinion steering utilizes these two mechanical devices and, since it mus be covered in grease, it is often in need o... Read More »

The History of Rack & Pinion?

A rack and pinion is a type of actuator that translates rotational movement into side-to-side movement. It consists of a circular gear, the pinion, that meshes with a flat-toothed bar, and the rack... Read More »