Uses for Leftover Buttermilk?

Answer Buttermilk is called for in some recipes but is rarely consumed on a regular basis. Because it is usually only sold in bottles as small as a quart, you may be stuck with some leftover buttermilk af... Read More »

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Leftover taco seasoned meat..ground beef. need leftover ideas.?

Warm up the meat and have a taco salad. Use the meat in an omlete.Someone else turn.

When does buttermilk go bad?

When stored in a refrigerator set between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, buttermilk will last for one to two weeks before spoiling. Typically, buttermilk goes bad after the expiration date listed on... Read More »

What is buttermilk used for?

Buttermilk is used in cooking. It can also be consumed as a beverage, like regular milk. In recipes, it is used as the base for dressings and in many baked goods. Its chemical components help creat... Read More »

.......buttermilk pie.......?

If it is a buttermilk custard pie, I would say no because of the long bake time. If it is a buttermilk cream pie (,1837,156… it will work fine. There is also a cr... Read More »