Uses for Japanese Knotweed?

Answer Although it originated in Japan, Japanese knotweed now grows invasively in North America. Extremely difficult to eliminate, Japanese knotweed grows aggressively, shifting other crops out of place. ... Read More »

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Do Japanese knotweed plants attract Japanese beetles?

The Japanese beetle feeds on more than 200 species of host plants, but doesn't pose a threat to Japanese knotweed. Instead, aphid nectar deposited on Japanese knotweed is a food source for Istochet... Read More »

Is japanese knotweed poisonous?

Japanese knotweed is not poisonous. In fact, Japanese knotweed has long been used as a pain reliever and is gaining popularity in recent times as an ingredient in anti-aging products. Other names f... Read More »

If you have 5L Clinic Ace glyphosate 360 and want to dilute it in your 7L sprayer to kill Japanese Knotweed what is the best dilution and how many ml of Clinic will be needed?

140 ml of glyphosphate will give you a 2% solution which should be enough. spray the knotweed and wait 10-14 days, then spray again to make sure.good luck

What is the scientific name for knotweed?

The scientific name for Japanese knotweed, an invasive species in the United States, is Fallopia japonica. The scientific name for common knotweed is Polygonum arenastrum and prostrate knotweed is ... Read More »