Uses for Hackberry Lumber?

Answer Hackberry is a hardwood deciduous tree native to much of the eastern United States. The tree, scientifically known as Celtis occidentalis, is known for its rough bark. The hackberry, and its southe... Read More »

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Is the hackberry bush fruit edible?

Yes, according to Texas-Beyond-History, the fruit is edible. The three species of hackberry that grow in Southern Texas are high in calcium and crude protein, and rich in sugar. Other parts of t... Read More »

Special Care for the Hackberry Tree?

Hackberries generally are fast-growing shade trees, although some varieties grow more slowly. Leaf nipple gall, leaf spot and witches'-broom are maladies that commonly afflict hackberry trees. And ... Read More »

How tall will a Western hackberry grow in Colorado?

Celtis occidentalis, commonly known as Western hackberry, is a fast-growing tree found throughout Colorado. It grows to a mature height of 60 feet and has a spread of 40 feet.References:Town of Par... Read More »

Nominal Lumber Sizes Vs. Dimensional Lumber Sizes?

Lumber for building has two size references: nominal and dimensional. Nominal dimensions refer to lumber before it is cut and dressed to size at the mill. Dimensional lumber is the product that lea... Read More »