Uses for Convex Mirrors?

Answer A convex mirror has a wider range of view than a plane mirror, giving it many uses, especially relating to safety. Convex mirrors can be found indoors and out, on vehicles and in conjunction with ... Read More »

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How to Add Convex Mirrors to Sideview Mirrors?

Adding convex mirrors to your side view mirrors widens your visual range. The most popular reason for installing convex mirrors is to see around a trailer you are hauling with your car or truck. Fo... Read More »

Why Are Convex Mirrors Used As Rearview Mirrors?

Anyone who has sat in the driver's or passenger's seat in a car has probably noticed the tiny wording, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," that runs along the bottom of the passenger-s... Read More »

Why do people use convex mirrors?

Convex mirrors have various everyday uses. By definition, a convex mirror is a portion of a sphere that can reflect light. Convex mirrors play a central role in many areas of people's lives.CarsSid... Read More »

How to Install Fish Eye Convex Mirrors?

Safety should be your first thought when driving any large vehicle -- and your visibility is the key. To increase your visibility around and behind you while driving, install supplemental rear-view... Read More »