Uses for Antique Windmills?

Answer Modern windmills are sleek, high-standing turbines that are typically designed to convert wind energy into electricity, but the use of windmills goes back centuries, even millennia. As early as the... Read More »

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How big are N-90 windmills?

Nordex N-90 wind turbines are 2.5 megawatt turbines, capable of powering about 2,500 homes. The rotors are 90 meters in diameter and depending on where the turbine is needed, the tower is 70 meters... Read More »

Are windmills still used?

According to the Windmillers' Gazette, a website dedicated to the history of windmills, the original uses of windmills were grinding grain and pumping water. Windmills are still sometimes used to p... Read More »

What is the use of windmills on a farm?

Windmills are used on farms to provide energy for grinding mills, sawmills and wind pumps. They are wind-powered and, therefore, a less expensive option than electric or gas alternatives for small ... Read More »

Who makes windmills?

Windmills, also known as wind turbines, are manufactured by Aeronautica Windpower in the United States, Enercon in Germany, Windflow in New Zealand and Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea, to name a ... Read More »