Useful Plants in the Chihuahuan Desert?

Answer Straddling the border between the United States and Mexico, the Chihuahuan Desert covers an area greater than 200,000 square-miles, making it the second-largest desert in North America. Plant life ... Read More »

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The Difference Between Desert Plants & Rainforest Plants?

Because desert plants and rainforest plants evolved in vastly different habitats, they have developed different styles of coping with their environments. These adaptations make them look different ... Read More »

Outback Desert Plants?

In spite of inhospitable conditions, many rare plants flourish in the Australian Outback. These unusual plants have developed survival techniques to live in the dry, fiery conditions of the Austral... Read More »

Desert Shade Plants?

Not all desert plants grow in the open with the hot sun beating down on them. A variety of plants in the desert thrive in the shade where the soil retains more moisture. Desert plants are adapted t... Read More »

Plants Living in the Desert?

Those unfamiliar with desert regions might assume desert plant life is comprised primarily of prickly cacti. In fact, desert plant life is quite diverse. Native shrubs, trees, succulents, ground co... Read More »