Used to smoke quit, had a smoke help?

Answer I used to get severe bronchitis from cigs. I'd get a pain at the breast bone. Don't smoke any others, call the doc if you don't feel better

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I smoke and want to quit?

Hello, I had smoked form the start of my teenage years and I quit last August 2012 @ the age of 40, I had previously stopped many times and failed but this time I really wanted to stop as I was rea... Read More »

Do you smoke Have you ever tried to quit How many times?

I have quit several times and this last time it has been 4 years.I helped myself to quiting by licking my fingers and rubbing them in the bottom of an ashtray, letting it dry then brushing the dri... Read More »

How to Quit Smoking With the Help of Smoke Away?

When trying to quit smoking its important to realize you will need more than just a commercially available product such as Smoke Away. Here is a list of steps and tips to help you with your quit. R... Read More »

Of late cigarettes have been making me gag when I smoke 'em, do you think I should quit?

Well cigarettes are naturally harmful. And if your coughing/gagging, its your bodies natural response telling you that its not agreeing with the cigarettes.As far as quiting, I'm a pharmacist and I... Read More »