Used Kindle Reader does it have to be re-registered with Amazon?

Answer yes because the original owner is registered..

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How did the Amazon Kindle reader get its name?

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Does the Amazon kindle fire have 3G?

Hi, ♫, Kindle Fire does NOT have 3G as it is a Wi-Fi-only device. Be prepared that the video playback is not going to be great on Fire as it is one low-juice device and not a real media tablet. ... Read More »

Does the Amazon Kindle 2 have a light for reading?

Neither the Amazon Kindle nor the Kindle 2 contains a built-in reading light, and the screens are not backlit. However, many companies offer third-party clip-on reading lights for the Kindle series... Read More »

How to Connect to a Kindle With Amazon?

One of the benefits of a Kindle is the ability to connect to the Amazon website to download digital books, magazines and newspapers. The Kindle uses wireless technology to connect to the Amazon web... Read More »