Use of spreadsheets for budget control?

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What Effect Does Budget Have on Inventory Control?

Budgets are an important tool for managing various functions in a business. Company mangers may have annual budget meetings where they discuss the budgets and how much money is to be spent on certa... Read More »

How to Control Your Personal Finances With SimpleD Budget?

A pretty good way to budget, right?Getting a handle on your finances is difficult, no matter who you are, but there is software out there that can help simplify things. SimpleD Budget is one of them.

How are spreadsheets used?

Spreadsheets are used in mathematical and scientific settings to analyze and calculate data. Spreadsheets use formulas and mathematical functions in a grid layout to calculate values. Spreadsheet... Read More »

I need help with spreadsheets!?

Without knowing more about the type of data you will are wanting to "split", all I can do is guess at an answer. (And by "old version" of Excel, do you mean anything prior to 2007, or something li... Read More »