Use of Perchloroethylene for Cleaning Metal?

Answer Perchloroethylene, also called PERC, is a colorless, nonflammable liquid generally used for dry cleaning fabrics. It is now also known to be a suitable for textile finishing and surface cleaning an... Read More »

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Metal Cleaning Products?

Manufacturers produce a variety of products to remove oil, grease, mineral oil, paint, ink and adhesives from metals. Select metal cleaning products can be used with other materials, such as plasti... Read More »

Metal Surface Cleaning Methods?

Cleaning metal surfaces requires slightly different cleaning solutions and procedures than wood or stone surfaces. Improperly cleaning your metal surfaces can cause spots, streaks or even permanent... Read More »

How to Use Citric Degreasers for Metal Cleaning?

Citric degreasers are often used to clean the metal parts on tools, engines and other machines. The acid in the citric degreasers breaks down oil build up and makes it easier to wipe away. These pr... Read More »

Cleaning a rusty metal with silver embellishments HELP!!!!?

Agree, no soaking. Might try baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice. Another is borax with lemon juice. Go to several stores looking for 20 Mule Team Borax in the laundry section.....or just Bor... Read More »