Use of Parking Brakes?

Answer The parking brake is a mechanical device with two main functions in vehicle operation. Drivers use it to ensure that a car or truck remains stationary while parked. Drivers can also use it as a bac... Read More »

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How to Fix Squeaky Parking Brakes on an F-150?

The purpose of your Ford F-150's parking brake is to ensure that the vehicle does not move when parked on an incline. Over time, the parking brake can begin to stick or become squeaky as things lik... Read More »

How to Adjust Rear Parking Brakes?

Parking brakes are designed to stop a vehicle from moving when in a stationary position. Continual use of the brake can cause it to become worn or in need of an adjustment. The parking brake is an ... Read More »

How to Repair Sticking Parking Brakes?

There are several possible reasons why a parking brake begins sticking--cold weather, lack of lubrication, or the need to replace the cable and springs. When you experience this, it is important to... Read More »

How to Fix F150 Squeaky Parking Brakes?

When applied, the job of the parking brake on a Ford F150 is to hold the truck still when sitting on an incline. If you don’t apply the parking brake regularly, contamination such as rust and bra... Read More »