Use of Games in Education?

Answer Most children, when given a choice between playing and studying will choose the former. Games give pleasure and motivate greater involvement. By their very nature, games that have rules and specifi... Read More »

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Pre-K Education Games?

Pre-K children live in a brand new world where everything is exciting and challenging. Everything is a learning experience. Games for Pre-K age children don't need to be complex or complicated. The... Read More »

Games for Education?

Education does not have to strictly take place in a classroom. Students can strengthen and develop their academic skills by playing entertaining games that have educational components. These games ... Read More »

Experiential Education Games?

Experiential education is based on the notion that learning happens best when the learner is actively engaged in what is being taught. Often, experiential education includes some aspect of physical... Read More »

Driving Education Games?

The driver's ed exam is made up of two parts --- a written exam and a driving test. Therefore, a hopeful driver must have both a good memory and good reflexes to pass. Many enterprising companies h... Read More »