Use of Computers in Kindergarten?

Answer Computers are being integrated into many classrooms across the United States today. Kindergarten students are among those benefiting from the use of computers and technological devices. Using compu... Read More »

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Children in Kindergarten Learning Computers?

Children in kindergarten currently use computers in the classroom to develop reading skills and engage in new literary experiences. The software used in the classroom has educational value and is m... Read More »

Why does file fragmentation not occur on Apple Macintosh computers like with Windows computers?

Disk optimization is a process in which the physical locations of files on a volume are "streamlined." Files and metadata are re-arranged in order to improve data access times and minimize time mov... Read More »

I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.

Are Mac computers generally faster, more reliable and longer lasting than PC computers?

Although Macs would actually be the same or faster than an equivalent specd PC it is actually a contribution of system stability and reliability of the Mac package (OS and hardware) that makes them... Read More »