Use ham radio as a long range network bridge?

Answer You can't use Ham radio in any form of commercial , or for profit , enterprise.So its a no go for work use , even if you have your license.

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How far can long range wireless network interface cards go?

The effective range of long-range wireless network interface cards varies based on the type of wireless network to which you are connecting. Under ideal conditions with a long-range interface, 802.... Read More »

What is a bridge network?

A bridge network consists of two or more computer LAN (local area network) segments joined together with cabling devices. The bridge network allows information technology managers to control networ... Read More »

What is a network bridge used for?

A network bridge is a hardware device that is applied to make a connection between two different networks, including printers, routers, computers and printers. Most network bridges connect through ... Read More »

What is a network bridge XP?

A network bridge is an simple and inexpensive way to connect LAN (local area network) segments. A network bridge also automates the configuration process that is required to send information from d... Read More »