Usb programming software?

Answer That's a custom electronics project requiring not only software, but hardware.

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Programming, Movie Editing, Software etc, what to use?

For programming use Cocoa. Cocoa was built around GCC. Though they use somewhat and it's not up to GCC standards yet (those are HIGH) it's still where OS X's and IOS's BSD pedigrees show themselve... Read More »

Whats the difference between computer programming and software engineering?

I believe software engineering is all about applying a methodology and process to solve a problem with software. It will involve requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, configuratio... Read More »

I know only c & c++ ,what extra programming language is required for joining software company?

Well, if your talking from an interview point of view then U may need Java too . But to clear an interview there's much more than programming languages. You mainly need to know Operating systems, D... Read More »

Will it be a good idea to start learning software programming at the age of 37 ,and make it a carreer,?

Only if you love it and are motivated...Software development is like paddling upstream. If you stop or take a breather you are going to lose ground. If you don't love it to the point of wanting t... Read More »