Usb ports i need three but have 2?

Answer buy a USB hub.

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I have a new problem i need help with,my mother board has usb ports built on to the board and two plug ins on?

There should be a CD with drivers for your motherboard. I assume, that while those USB ports were disabled, Windows couldn't detect them and didn't install the neccessary drivers for them.Furthermo... Read More »

I need help, I'm looking for three philosophy statements from three different child care programs?

You really should be doing your own homework. Are you comparing three types of child care, or three child care programs?Look up the websites of three child care centers in your area. Read their m... Read More »

I'm in need of extra usb ports.?

This will help you as you connect it to one of your usb connections and can get more ports out of it. Usually about 4. Have a look at this site if you need any more information:http://www.directusb... Read More »

USB ports blown...I need help?

Why not try getting a PCMCIA card with USB slots. This you can fit in to the PCMCIA slot and use them... hope it Works.