Usb not recognized Help Please?

Answer This has worked for me several times, so I will pass it on. Plug it in the port, heat it with a hair dryer, wait a minute, plug it in and out a couple times. If it still does not work try the sam... Read More »

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Dvd-r not being recognized.?

Cd-R drive can only work with cd's and not with dvd's.You ought to replace cd-r by DVD-RW drive

Recognized Law Degrees?

For a law degree to be recognized, the body that administers the degree must be accredited by the American Bar Association. Most law schools offer a variety of law degrees, but only the Juris Docto... Read More »

Why is Medea so well recognized?

Because she was a sorceress and the daughter of the king who had in possession the Golden Fleece.

When was plagiarism first recognized?

Although etymologically, the word "plagiarism" has Latin roots, it was not used in the same sense that we use it today until Ben Jonson used the word in print in 1597, according to the Oxford Engli... Read More »