Us made clock is slow in india?

Answer US Power is using a power system that is using 60 hertz. This means that there are 60 waves per second. Many US clocks running on AC power use that to count time. India used 50 hertz. So instead of... Read More »

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My iPhone 4's Clock Is Slow?

The iPhone 4 features a built in clock that either sets manually or automatically to your cell phone service provider's network clock. If the current time displayed on your iPhone is slow, you can ... Read More »

Why is my clock 5 minutes slow?

Bcoz TIME varies. Mine is 5 minutes advance. Batteries are not reliable. Clocks may be mechanically defective, or fatigued by its constant running (imagine if it were 'you'....You must be very t... Read More »

Who made the first digital clock?

The first digital clock was produced by the Hamilton Watch Company in 1972. The 18-carat gold Pulsar was first released at a price of $2,100.The time was shown by pressing a button on the side whi... Read More »

When Was the First Electric Clock Made?

Alexander Bain made the first electric clock in the mid-19th century. The Scottish clockmaker patented the first electric clock system in 1841. For this groundbreaking invention, Bain became known ... Read More »