Urine Drug Test!!!!!!?

Answer You may just pass and here is why.Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoki... Read More »

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Help!!! urine drug test in a week?

All I can tell you is with how much weed you've been smoking it will be in your system for about 60 days. Not a week like most people say. A week is for a casual user who smokes once every week or ... Read More »

10 panel urine drug test/hydrocodone?

If it was not legitimately used there is no legitimate way to clean it out. Now put your heart back in your chest and relax. Hydrocodone and and similar opiates drop below the detection levels of e... Read More »

Will my boyfriend pass the drug test if he uses my urine thats a day old?

You Realize he doesnt need your urine right...? Marijuana only stays in your urine 2-3 days after you smoke, maybe a week if he smoked more than 3 times that week, Hes clean, and just "breathing i... Read More »

After a spleenectomy can lidocane cause you to fail a 5 panel dot urine drug test?

Not on your life. A 5-panel drug screen does not test for topical anesthetics/antiarrhythmics (which is what Lidocaine is, depending on how it was administered). These drug tests look for THC, op... Read More »