Urban Male Hairstyles?

Answer Women's hairstyles are plastered on nearly every billboard and shop window, but what about men? Today there are many urban hairstyles that men can parade around the city in, and they are easy to ac... Read More »

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Listening & Leadership Skills for the Urban Male?

The diversity, opportunity and excitement offered by cities like New York, Boston and Chicago are appealing to people from all walks of life. Aspiring professionals and entertainers often relocate ... Read More »

How to Be a Male Urban Gangster for Halloween (for Any Gender)?

Want some gangsta for Halloween?The urban gangster... The most original you can get! Lots of people want to be a "gangsta" for Halloween. It's a comfortable outfit and it's pretty fun! Also, any ge... Read More »

Urban Hairstyles for Men?

Hair can be the ultimate accessory, as it may be dressed up for elegant evenings or left casual for sporting events and nights at the bar. Unlike expensive store-bought clothing, hair can usually b... Read More »

Urban Natural Hairstyles?

Urban natural hairstyles are chic, trendy, classical and modern. When someone mentions urban hairstyles, they are often referring to the style of hair widely used in an urban environment. Some of t... Read More »