Upside Down Mortgage Advice?

Answer Having an upside down mortgage occurs when you owe more money on your mortgage balance than what your house is worth. This can be very frustrating when it happens to you, but you do have a few opti... Read More »

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Can I refinance an upside down mortgage?

Private lenders rarely approve upside down refinances due to the high level of risk involved, but the federal government’s 2009 Making Home Affordable program allows qualifying homeowners to refi... Read More »

If you turn a TV upside down, will the picture turn upside down too?

yes.everything on and within the tv will then be upside down.

Question about keg stands. How is the beer able to go down upside down?…As I answered last time you asked this but chose an ignorant answer opposed my my correct answer, its peristalsis.

While shutting down my PC, my computer screen got upside down. Is it a virus ?

try pressing CTRl + ALT+ plus signCTRl + ALT+ minus signCTRl + ALT+ pg up signCTRl + ALT+ pg down signit did solve when i had a problem. it is definately a virus attack. run AVG free scanner or un... Read More »