Upset stomach after mixing drinks?

Answer I think using the toilet is a great idea. Other than that do or take or eat whatever helps to sooth your stomach and in time you will feel better. Some people response well to either mint or ginger... Read More »

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Why does coffee upset my stomach but energy drinks are fine?

it's either the milk or the caffeine. i mean caffeine is a stimulant and coffee can act like a laxative. but you do drink red bull. it's different though since you're drinking something hot. i actu... Read More »

Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if you are always hungry and have hunger pains and after you eat you have an upset stomach?

Answer Hello.Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. But the tell tale symptom is no period.

My juicer makes a bunch of tiny bubbles in my juice. They upset my stomach after drinking the juice. Why?

It's not the bubbles that are affecting your stomach. Everyday we swallow air when we drink or eat. The thing that's upsetting your stomach is the stuff that you are juicing.

How to Fix an Upset Stomach?

There are many reasons why your stomach might be upset. Here are some ideas for fixing that!