Upgraded to a larger hard drive but I'm not seeing the extra room!!?

Answer It sounds like you used a sector-by-sector copy utility and when I putDiskCopy 2.3into Yahoo Search I found this link:…which confirmed it for me:----------... Read More »

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I have an older PC and the hard drive is full. How can I copy it to a larger hard drive?

what you are looking to do is called drive imaging. it will allow you to make an exact, bootable image of your old hard drive and put it on your new hard drive while leaving you all the extra space... Read More »

Is it better to have a larger hard drive iPhone or iPad?

Is it possible to replace an iPhone 3GS hard drive for a larger one?

I put this very complex question through a calculus program on my computer and it came out with this amazing answer: "more than 11Gb and less than 13Gb"

How to Transfer Vista to a Larger Hard Drive?

If you have a new hard drive with increased memory space to replace an older hard drive, you will have to install your Microsoft Windows Vista onto the new hard drive. Copy all of the files you wan... Read More »