Upgraded ram! Bios recognizes! How do I know if it is working properly?

Answer Try downloading a program such as SiSoft's S AN D R A-Lite, and benchmark the memory.…This is a great program for testing all aspects of computer perform... Read More »

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Bluetooth not working after i upgraded my computer into Windows 7 ultimate 2 months ago?

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free, give it a try and you will like it. This is new and very good... Speak to Microsoft Certified Technicians Call 1-866-610-3132 Toll F... Read More »

PC recognizes USB Mouse, but Mouse stops working?

if you can, try another usb mouse as I'd be inclined to say the mouse was faulty. Failing that, try the mouse in another computer with a USB port running winXP sp1 or newer.As it is a wired mouse i... Read More »

Why is my son's hypothalamus not working properly?

Yes, but you can take him to court and fight for custody.

Youtube is NOT working properly?

Several times each day, YouTube actually shuts down a lotof their servers in order to update things like the home-pageand "search results".Everytime when you go to YouTube, they are sending 100'sof... Read More »