Upgrade XP to Vista Home Premium ?

Answer Hey, Spaceguy. I've heard nothing but complaints from my friends who now use Vista. They ALL are switching back to XP. And like some of the others have told you, you either need to get your system ... Read More »

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How to Upgrade to Vista 64 Bit From 32 Bit OEM on Windows Vista Home Premium?

A 32-bit operating system, or OS, can't process more than 4GB of random access memory, or RAM. A 64-bit OS, however, breaks that 4GB barrier; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit can process up to 8GB... Read More »

Can you upgrade vista home premium 32 bit to vista ultima 64 bit?

You cannot upgrade any 32-bit version of Windows Vista--or other Windows versions--to a 64-bit version. However, you can upgrade 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium to 32-bit Vista Ultimate, or 64-bi... Read More »

Does the Vista Home Premium upgrade have a 64-bit version?

Microsoft Vista Home Premium comes in both 32- and a 64-bit versions. If your computer has a 32-bit processor, you will not be able to run the 64-bit version. However, computers with a 64-bit proce... Read More »

How to Upgrade Windows XP to Vista Home Premium?

Upgrading to Windows Vista Home Premium from a computer already running XP costs less and requires less time than doing a clean install on a computer. When you upgrade your computer, all of your fi... Read More »