Upconverted DVDs vs Blu Ray?

Answer Upconverted DVDs can look great, but you must also understand that DVD is limited in resolution compared to Blu-Ray Disc. With the same title, with both DVD and Blu-Ray versions made to take the b... Read More »

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How can I grab data dvds hd dvds video dvds into a blank dvdv disc?

What is the difference in a Blu Ray being displayed at 1080p and a DVD that has been upconverted to 1080p?

That's a question that many consumers ask.The DVD itself has 480 lines of resolution. The conversion multiples and makes some calculations to give you the 1080p. The picture has the same resolution... Read More »

How to Copy Dvds to Hard Drive or Burn Dvds to Blank Discs?

Most DVD funs should have a large number of DVDs, there is a problem that how to protected these DVDs from damage, scratch, the best way is to make backup copies for them. But most DVDs have copy p... Read More »

Do you think that the Blue Ray disc will replace DVDs ( DVDs replaced VHS)?

It's not an either/or choice.Blu-ray is slowly becoming more popular because it offers 1080p (High definition) resolution and advanced audio (not because it has more space). The higher resolution a... Read More »