Up load icon to harmony one remote?

Answer See the Related link below for RCA remote control support.

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How to Set Up a Harmony Remote for HTPC?

The Harmony remote is a line of universal remotes produced by Logitech that allows the owner to program many different devices into the device's memory. The Harmony remote can be programmed to work... Read More »

Setting up my Harmony 700 remote?

Make a note of how the DVR is plugged into the TV (which input) and how the sound feeds the receiver.Make a note of how the PS3 is hooked up (what input on the TV or receiver it connects to)Have al... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Harmony Remote?

Having a home entertainment area is a great way to entertain friends and family. To generate a good home entertainment system you will need multiple devices. Considering the need for a television, ... Read More »

How do I Set Up a Harmony Remote With DIRECTV?

When you use a satellite box to surf channels such as the ones used by DirecTV, it usually has its own remote. Combine that remote with TV remotes, VCR remotes, DVD player remotes and home theater ... Read More »