Unusual Uses for Cucumbers on the Eyes?

Answer Slices of cool, refreshing cucumbers are not just for your salad. It is a common sight to see cucumbers resting over the eyes of many people in a spa. This vegetable is mostly comprised of water an... Read More »

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How to Sleep With Cucumbers on Your Eyes?

We've all seen the Hollywood cliche: A woman relaxing in a spa with a towel around her hair, wearing a facial and two cucumber slices over her eyes. While there is no proof that cucumbers have any ... Read More »

What Effect Do Cucumbers Have on Eyes?

You may have heard about putting slices of cucumbers on your eyes to bring life back to your face. The question is: why cucumbers? Although they are most often associated with a salad or as an ingr... Read More »

Do Cucumbers Help With Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes can make you appear tired, worn-out, or even older than you really are. There are a number of advertised treatments, home remedies, and foods that are rumored to effect... Read More »

I am a 39 yrs indian lady with sensitive skin to sun and also i have tired eyes dark circles tried cucumbers?

Use Olay Age Defying (:! and get massages and facials at the Spa.