Unusual Uses for Cucumbers on the Eyes?

Answer Slices of cool, refreshing cucumbers are not just for your salad. It is a common sight to see cucumbers resting over the eyes of many people in a spa. This vegetable is mostly comprised of water an... Read More »

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Refreshing Uses for Cucumbers?

When most people think about cucumbers, they conjure images of salads and veggie plates, but cucumbers are not just for refreshing the digestive tract any more. They have proven to be a great way t... Read More »

What Effect Do Cucumbers Have on Eyes?

You may have heard about putting slices of cucumbers on your eyes to bring life back to your face. The question is: why cucumbers? Although they are most often associated with a salad or as an ingr... Read More »

How to Sleep With Cucumbers on Your Eyes?

We've all seen the Hollywood cliche: A woman relaxing in a spa with a towel around her hair, wearing a facial and two cucumber slices over her eyes. While there is no proof that cucumbers have any ... Read More »

Do Cucumbers Help With Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes can make you appear tired, worn-out, or even older than you really are. There are a number of advertised treatments, home remedies, and foods that are rumored to effect... Read More »