Unusual Facts About Pine Trees?

Answer Pine trees are one of the most well-known types of coniferous trees--trees with needles instead of leaves, and which do not shed their leaves in fall. The word "coniferous" applies to the unique co... Read More »

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Interesting Facts About Mugo Pine Trees?

The mugo pine (sometimes spelled mugho) grows from four to 20 feet tall in various soils and prefers sun or partial shade. It has a small round or pyramidal shape and two-needle foliage. It holds o... Read More »

Interesting Facts on Pine Trees?

Pine trees are a popular ornamental landscape tree that provide year-round shade and color to a landscape. Of the over 100 different species of pines, 35 are grown in the United States. Pines are s... Read More »

Unusual Facts About Raccoons?

The raccoon is a mammal native to North America. It is known for its facial mask and ringed tail. This creature also has paws that look more like human hands than animal paws. They can use their to... Read More »

Unusual Facts About Neptune?

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