Untreated Tapeworm?

Answer It's not unusual for cats and dogs to become infected with tapeworm, but outdoor cats are especially susceptible to these gastrointestinal parasites. Fleas and rodents first get infected by eating ... Read More »

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What happens when someone leaves their lice untreated?

Lice have a 7-10 day life cycle so when you treat your hair you must do it again 7-10 days later as the treatments only kill live lice not the eggs (nits). If left untreated your head will become i... Read More »

How to Treat Untreated Wood?

Untreated wood is vulnerable to moisture as well as insect pests, such as termites. Wooden steps and patios located outdoors can quickly absorb rainwater and snow, causing the wood to warp, erode a... Read More »

Can i sue my landlord for untreated bed bugs?

Answer: Yes, you can sue, and there is legal precedence for this.There have actually been several lawsuits regarding bed bugs over the last decade, many of which included responses from the landlor... Read More »

What happens if a heart attack goes untreated?

Some people have a massive heart attack and never recover. They die. My Dad did that. He had been out digging post holes for a new fence, came in to watch the news and eat lunch, and Boom! he went ... Read More »